Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are going to miss the Thompson's

Last night was a sad night!  We had to say goodbye to our friends the Thompson's.  They are on their way to North Carolina.  I am really sad to see Michal go!  She has been such a good friend! 
Reuben ended up crying himself to bed last night because he doesn't want Dylan to move.  It was heartbreaking!  Here are some pictures of the kids all together.

Lincoln and Corbin taking a nap at the pool.

Reuben and Dylan
A week ago or so Reuben said "Dylan can't move I'll have no one to be crazy with"

The gang.  Dylan, Ashlyn, Kaitlyn, Reuben, Evie
This is our biggest tree in our yard.  The boys are constantly climbing up it.
We'll miss you guys!

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Michal Thompson said...

Who is going to miss who the most. I just want you to know that of all the places we have lived we might just miss you guys the mostest!