Sunday, June 29, 2008

30 Things We LOVE About Daddy!

1. When he makes pancakes
2. Sleep-overs in the front room
3. Piggyback rides
4. When he helps us build legos
5. Hugs
6. Kisses
7. Going to the pool and watching him go off the diving board and down the slide
8. Teaching me how to ride a bike
9. That he's big and can get stuff that is high
10. Sitting outside with daddy
11. Tickles
12. That he takes pictures
13. That he lets me study with him
14. Playing with him
15. Camping
16. When he is silly
17. When he reads to me
18. When he makes Lincoln laugh
19. When we practice baseball with him
20. When we play outside together
21. When we garden together
22. That he shares his candy with me
23. When he does crafts with us
24. When he gets us something to drink
25. When he kills spiders
26. When he came on my school field trip
27. When we play games together
28. When I crawl into bed with him when I have a bad dreams
29. That he is good at putting together things
30. That he is my dad, and I love him

Happy 30th Birthday Dad!

Kaitlyn and Reuben

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ryan's 30th Birthday Party

Some of the wonderful wives of Ryan's friends from school.

You've gotta love black frosting!

Having fun at the splash park

Jackie was so nice to hold Lincoln a bunch, so I could take care of party stuff.  Noel was awesome too and was our grill master! (I didn't get a photo of him, but thank you!!)

Corn hole

Last night we had Ryan's 30th birthday party.  I reserved the pavilion at the park right next to our house.  There is a splash park there too which the kids and some adults loved!  It was super hot so it was perfect for getting wet!  We had corn hole set up and some played bocce ball as well.  It was a fun night.  Happy Birthday Ryan!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

Here Are The Results  


It is crazy how much these boys look alike!  It will be fun to see as they get bigger if they will always look alike or not.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A walk in the park

On Friday we went with the kids to a local metro park for a picnic.  While there we went for a small walk where we were able to enjoy the local wildlife and stop to smell some flowers as you can see.  The kids favorite part was probably the river that they were able to take their shoes off and play in.  It was a very relaxing and fun time together.

Columbus Quilt Show

On Saturday I was able to go to the quilt show in Columbus with two of my friends.  We left super early because we live a couple of hours from Columbus.  The quilts were breath taking!  It is so inspiring to see these quilts and all the creativity in them!  There were over 400 quilts on display!  Here are a few of my favorites.
Best of Show first place winner
The quilting on this quilt and some others was truly amazing!
What a find!  We went to North Market for lunch.  It reminded me of a farmers market that I've been to in Philadelphia, but smaller.  They had lots of yummy things to eat and groceries, like specialty meats and cheeses and much more!  I wish that we lived closer so I could go more often!  Here is a photo of the four of us.
This is the yummy pasta I had for lunch.  The homemade pasta had an artichoke gorgonzola sauce served with bread and garlic and chive butter. 

From this booth we split a yummy strawberry ice cream sandwich.  It was surprisingly light and oh, so yummy!

He was so good all day!  All of the ladies had to pinch his legs and cheeks, but he was great through it all!

Jackie. Lincoln, me, and Janeen.

More beautiful quilts!

This one had sparkles all over it !

Believe it or not but these were all different appliqued pieces of fabric!

I love this one!
It was such a fun girls day out!  Now I am ready to quilt!  We ended our day with a trip to one of the best ice cream stores, Graeters!
We are already on planning to go back next year!  That was such a blast!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What's your Guess????

We were looking at pictures of Reuben when he was four months old and couldn't believe how much Lincoln and him look alike!  So the challenge is can you guess who is who?



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Ryan, I already got mushy in our anniversary post!  But I love you and love that you are the father of my children!  They are super lucky to have you as a father!  There is no doubt about it that the kids love to play with you!  They love sleep overs in the family room with Dad, and piggy back rides to bed on normal nights.  They have already learned your love for the outdoors, which I love!  My favorite is when they freely ask to be tickled! We LOVE YOU!  You are the BEST DAD!!!

Last Day of Gymnastics

Saturday was Reuben's last day of gymnastics.  He has really enjoyed going for the last couple of months.  For the last day they let the parents sit on the floor instead of being up in the viewing balcony.  It was fun to be right there.  Evie and Kaitlyn loved that the floor bounced as you walked.  Our other pictures wouldn't come up.  But there was a foam pit and trampolines too, which was probably Reuben's favorite thing there.  Reuben did really well with his bridges.  It was fun to see him improve over the session.    


I just had to put in this photo.  Evie wanted me to take a picture of her and Lincoln.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

9 Wonderful Years!

Today was our 9th anniversary!  Boy, does that make me feel old!!  It is weird because it feels like Ryan and I have always been together but it feels like the years have slipped by so fast, if that is possible.  The picture above is the beautiful temple where we were married.  Maybe next year for our 10th I'll put up a picture of us on our wedding day!  Ryan and I have changed SO much since we have been married!
Not to get too mushy, but I love Ryan!  Even if I searched the universe for a husband there would not be a better match that I would find than him!  I could never express how much I love this man!  He is so patient and loving!  He is the most selfless person I know!  Not to mention a wonderful Dad!  Ryan I love you!  It is such a joy to be married to you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Addition To Our Family

Tonight we added another member to our family!  Our Molly fish gave birth to a baby.  We thought that she looked a little pregnant!  I guess Molly's actually give birth to fish and don't lay eggs.  (I never knew that!)
We decided to name her/him peek-a-boo.  The little baby was hiding and is pretty hard to spot so came the name.  Peek-a-boo is gold and black.  

Friday, June 6, 2008

Before and After


I went grocery shopping today.  While I was about to check out Ryan called my cell phone and said that Reuben wanted to ask me something.  He asked if he could go "wald".  I asked him to repeat what he said a couple of times because I couldn't understand what he was asking for.  So, then Ryan came back on and said that Reuben was wondering if he could be bald.  Before I knew it, Reuben was bald by the time I came home which was only 15 minutes later!  I guess it is the new cool summer cut.  I am sad to see his beautiful hair go but Reuben's smile that he had all afternoon made it worth it!

Cute Kids!

Just some fun photos of the kids!  Our wonderful neighbor is letting us borrow this seat for Lincoln.  All the kids just love to talk to him while he is in it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ready for the Next book!

Well, last night I finished reading Twilight!  It was a great book!  I couldn't believe how fast it went by!  Sorry to say I don't think I have ever read a book that big before!  
I must say that the author was pretty smart putting the first chapter of the next book in the back.  Now I want to read to find out how Bella's birthday ends and so much more!  

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What A Deal!

Yesterday we were on our way home from Kaitlyn's girl scout picnic.  As we were driving I noticed a sign for an estate sale.  So went to check it out.  I thought that there wouldn't be much because it was already the afternoon.  Boy was I wrong!  I have been looking for kitchen chairs ever since we moved in here.  The landlord had vinyl chairs in the kitchen, where the vinyl was ripped and exposing the cotton and foam.  Talk about gross!  I tried to cover it with duct tape which just curled up and it would have cost a ton to recover them not to mention their weird shape.  But I finally found chairs!  I tried to just buy the six chairs (which are solid wood) but the lady would only sell them as a set with the table.  It is nice to have the table though because it fits great in our kitchen and has an extra leaf if we'd like to use it!  But then she through in a desk, a side table, a kids table, 2 kids chairs, and 3 little junk treasures for the kids.  It always feels so good when you get such a deal and it is stuff that you really have needed and been looking for! 

Memorial Day Parade

The small town that we live in has a Memorial Day Parade each year.  It is a lot of fun to go to see it.  Some of the people in the parade throw candy out to those watching, which is definitely the kids favorite part.  Kaitlyn was able to be in the parade this year with her baseball team.  She is on the left of the photo.