Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our family loves games. Every year we try to get a new game for the family for Christmas. Last year we bought Zooreka, which is put out by Cranium. Our family loves it. You go around the board collecting cards you need to use to buy parts of your zoo. All the kids enjoy it and Ryan and I like playing it too which is an added bonus. So what's your family's favorite game?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mad Scientists at Work

Today we decided to do some experiments on some of the kid's halloween candy. I got this idea from an article in Family Fun magazine. The kids each picked out some candy and we covered each candy with either water or vinegar in separate glasses. We looked to see if they floated or sank, and just what they looked like after soaking. One of my favorites was seeing how the "S" on each skittle would come off and float to the top of the water. The kids got really into it and we had to keep pulling out more and more glasses so they could try just one more. I think this might just become a tradition! 

My little mad scientists.


On Friday The kids had a Halloween parade at school followed by parties in their classrooms. Here are some pictures of the kids in the parade with their friends.

This year Kaitlyn wanted to be a banana and Reuben wanted to be an eyeball. So I kinda guessed as I sewed and came up with these. All of the costumes are made of felt which made the project easier not having to worry about turning under edges. Evie and Lincoln got to wear hand-me-down costumes from Kates and Reuben. They look pretty cute as my little monsters, I think. They both loved wearing the costumes and liked to growl in them.