Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love my Man!

On Monday night I selfishly asked Ryan could you do something special for me this week. I have to say Ryan does stuff for me all the time; always washes the dishes that need to be hand washed (because it is not my favorite), works an unreal amount of hours every week, helps with countless other things around the house where needed, he is always giving me a hug just when I need it, I could really go on and on. But for some reason I was pms-ing, tired and feeling sorry for myself. Yeah poor me right :) So Ryan comes home on Tuesday after working 13+ hours and brings me this...

Yeah he loves me! Not just that he "got" me something did it mean so much but that he really has a stressful week at work and even had to stay up late working on a paper to present today. Anyways. Now that you see how selfish I am, you can see that my husband is a saint! I love you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Boys

I love my boys (and girls, of course)! When I came back in the house after taking Kaitlyn to the bus stop I found these two cute boys laying on the couch watching a show. Reuben had gotten Lincoln out of his crib for him.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Evie was lucky to be able to celebrate her birthday with one of her best friends. Evie and Lilly are only two days apart which is kinda fun. The girls had a Pinkalicious Party themed after the awesome book.

We played find the pink things in the room, painted fingernails, and made pink necklaces.
For lunch our menu was: pink waffles, pink yogurt, pink lemonade and strawberries. For dessert there were pink cupcakes with pink frosting and pink sprinkles. We threw some Strawberry Shortcake cupcake sticks in some of the cupcakes because Evie really wanted to incorporate Strawberry Shortcake.

Pink and red balloons. Kids and balloons are always a hit. The boys had fun making a pile of them and jumping on the balloons.

I love these girls. I can't believe that they are five already and are in elementary school! Check out this photo of them two years ago!

Happy Birthday Eve!

It has been one big party at our house with having the girls birthday's back to back. Evie turned the big 5 this year! Eve was also able to start kindergarten this week which was really exciting! We love to have Evie in our family. Eve gives out the best smiles and one of my favorite things that Evie does is when she sings in the car. Some songs are made up while others are ones which she has learned at church or school. It makes me smile because it is super cute and it reminds me of my sister.

Eve on her birthday requested macaroni and cheese and hotdogs on the side for dinner. Afterwards we had cake and ice cream. Eve asked, "You're going to make my princess cake, right?" the day before her birthday. So, I didn't want to disappoint. I must say her cake turned out better this year than last year's cake. Let's just say I am definitely still learning... I have to say Barbie looks pretty good considering Lincoln was caught starting to undress her.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn is officially in the double digits. She turned the big 10 this week!
Kaitlyn is such a blessing to have in our family. She is such a kind and loving girl. She is definitely growing up and is a huge help and loves to hang out with the adults.

On Kaitlyn's birthday she picked stuffed shells for dinner and rolls. For dessert She decided on brownies and root beer floats. In this picture Kates was trying to decide on what to wish for.

Kaitlyn's big present was her own sewing machine! Here she is testing it out. She also received some fabric to make a quilt.

The day after Kaitlyn's birthday we had her party with her friends at our house. Her theme this year was Pandas. So of course we had a Panda Pajama Party!

Each girl received one of these felt pandas

For our craft each girl was given a wooden cut out of a bear to paint. After they were dry we attached a magnet strip to the back so the girls can hang them up in their lockers.

In their favor bag each girl received one of these Japanese erasers and black and white candies (hershey kisses and tootise rolls)

Chocolate Chocolate cake! Yum!