Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

This year school started on Kaitlyn's birthday.  She thought that it was the best birthday present ever!  We are lucky enough to have neighbors who are the same ages as our kids and same gender!  They are all waiting for the bus in this picture.  
Reuben is looking forward to eating lunch at school this year and being there all day.  Kaitlyn is looking forward to learning how to multiply and learn to play the recorder.  It should be a great year!

These photos are of Evie and Lily on the first day.  We are so lucky to have the Gaskin family staying with us!  They are awaiting the closing on their house and we are so happy to have them here!  In this photo Evie and Lily are sporting their fruit loop necklaces they just made.


Jean said...

Hooray for the first day of school! The kids look dashing in their outfits. :-)

Yahoo for having the Gaskins!! That is so fun!

Christy said...

Hey, you have no idea who i am, but it's christy Nikki's sister-n-law and i love the pictures with my neice in them!!!