Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We were lucky to have Grandpa and Grandma Massaglia, Grandpa and Grandma Ellsworth, Aunt Melanie and Cousin Eric come for Kaitlyn's baptism.  I am awaiting photos so stay tuned for a post on the baptism.
After the baptism we headed over to the Kirtland visitor's center to see some paintings which were on display.  It was kind of fun that there was a painting of someone being baptized in the Chagrin River just like Kaitlyn had been that day!


Mandi E said...

I didn't know Kaitlyn got baptized in a river! How cool is that?! I'm so sorry we couldn't be there for it! Please tell her congratulations for us!

Kristen said...

it's hard to believe how old they are getting. Before we know it they will be all grown up and on their own!