Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sick Sunday

Reuben and Evie have pretty good colds going on, so we stayed home from church.  Reuben wanted to show me how he drew a picture yesterday, and then we each made one together.

Here is Reuben's piece of art.  He showed me that the technique he used to make the water was to make a lot of swirls and loops and then fill them in.  In his picture the wave is coming up over the boat.Here is my picture.  It was a lot of fun to color together.Here is Evie's.  Reuben helped out with the brown part but the rest is her original creation.


hilary w said...

I love your fall blog background! It's very cute.

I love the pictures you all drew, too. I hate sick season, though! Get better soon!

Michal Thompson said...

Hey, I was home sick today too! It only makes us stronger right? So who won on the slide race, you or Ryan?