Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some Things I'd Like to Remember

Today Kaitlyn fasted for the first time.  She was so awesome, she went all day without complaining once that she was hungry!  When she broke her fast in the late afternoon, she asked me "Does it still count?  Did I fast all day?"  It broke my heart!  She is trying her best to do what is right!  It is such a blessing to have her as a daughter!

On another note... The other day I came home and said "Hi Gorgeous!" to Evie and she quickly replied "NO I'm Evie!"  

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Angie Judd said... sweet is she?
The first time Xander fasted he forgot and took a taste of a lemon that I had for my Sunbeams class. He broke down right there and wouldn't come out of the classroom for 20 minutes. It totally broke my heart.
Your little Evie is so cute too.