Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wilton Cake Class

Last night was the last night of my Wilton Cake Class Course 2.  It was so much fun to learn new things and I loved my teacher!  I can't wait to take Course 3 in June!!


Some of Lincoln's favorite things are:

Playing with the silverware and dishes in the dishwasher and throwing them on the floor
Playing with the plunger
Playing with the hinges on the toilet seat
Taking out the vent cover and putting things down the vent
Taking the phone off the hook
Standing on the two step stool in the bathroom (but not knowing how to get down)
Pressing buttons on Mom's ipod while it is sitting it's speaker dock

Who needs toys????

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reuben's Army Party

Today was Reuben's birthday party!  This year he chose an army theme.  It was lots of fun to think of things to go with the theme.  We started out with camouflage face paint.  Evie had a camo heart :).
Then the boys lined up and received their must have army gear.  First their dog tags.  I found these wooden scrapbook tags at our craft store.  I rounded out the corners with scissors, painted them silver and printed out their names on address labels and cut them down to size.  The actual necklace part was a notion at our craft store. 

Next each child received their ranking award.  I put some ribbon on a piece of chipboard and glued it to a pin.  I used foil star stickers for their awards.  They received a star for coming to the party and received more through out the party for shooting their marshmallow the farthest, etc.  I thought these flag stickers were cool too so they each received one of them too, as part of their uniform.

Then Reuben got to check the mail box and found a CLASSIFIED letter to all of them.  It said that there was a criminal on the loose that had stolen things from a seven year old's birthday party.  They went on to find more riddles/clues until ending up at our shed.  Inside the shed there were ammo bags with each child's initials on them, safety glasses and supplies to each make their own marshmallow gun.  

Here's the troop ready to go with their marshmallow guns.  We had hoola hoops up that they practiced getting their marshmallows through and we all lined up to see who could shoot theirs the farthest.

Then we came in for cake.  I think I had a little too much fun making this! :)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Amy Butler!!!!

Yes, That is Amy Butler in the orange shirt!!!  There is a tiny quilt shop here named Stitch Cleveland and they somehow were able to get Amy to come tonight only for a meet and greet.  Amy was SO nice!  She just acted like we were old friends and showed My Mom, friend Tanya and I a bunch of her new things.  There weren't very many people there so it was so nice to be able to walk right up to her and chat!  She even signed my pattern for the nappy bag which I made as my diaper bag for Lincoln with Amy's fabric line.


Here's what I decided to applique on the border for this month's challenge for my guild.  I ran out of time.  I was really hoping to do more, but here it is.  Here is a link to what it looked like when I picked it up at last month's guild meeting.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, Round II

Our neighbors put on their 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt this year.  They split up the boys and girls.  So I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of Reuben or the boys! (sorry Reub!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Army Birthday Party Invites

Reuben decided to have an Army party this year.  Here are the invites...  Reuben asked if I'd make a cake that looked like a tank!  Wish me luck!  We might be running to the grocery store last minute!!


Spring break wouldn't be complete without a sleepover.  Reuben had his friend over on Monday night which I forgot to take any pictures. :(  Kaitlyn had her sleepover on Wednesday night.  Here is a picture of her and her friend they have matching p.j.'s with their dolls.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ode to Chili

Can you tell that Lincoln LOVES chili?  

Gym and Swim

They were hoping like bunnies and Evie has her fingers up like rabbit ears.

Today was the last day of the session.  So, Eve got a cute certificate.

Conference Sunday

The kids had some fun taking pictures, enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

City Easter Egg Hunt

Our city put on their annual Easter Egg Hunt today.  It was a bit chilly with the wind but much better than the snow last year!  Kaitlyn was such a good sport today!  The Hunt was only for kids up to seven so she wasn't able to participate but she was okay with it!  Thanks Kates!  This was Lincoln's first Easter Egg Hunt.  He loved the bag of eggs they gave him.  (unfortunately he dropped it at some point which I didn't notice till it was too late!) 

Easter Eggs

This last family night Kaitlyn was in charge of the activity and picked dying easter eggs.  The kids had a blast dying them and eating them too!  Now I have at least one way to get some protein in Evie! ;)