Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Troop's Halloween Party

Last night was our first Brownie meeting this year.  We had Halloween party!  The girls seemed to have a blast!  I don't think that our house has ever been that loud before!!!!  Ten 8-9 year old girls really love to scream I guess! :)

We had some scary treats, did a mummy wrap, and a cute foamie candy corn craft.  


The hats and gloves came out this week.  It is sad that winter is starting...  The kids wanted to wear gloves and hats to school this week which usually means an avalanche of gloves and hats come flying down from the top shelf in the coat closet.  But this week I figured out a solution!  I don't know why but stuff like this just makes me so excited!

She's Back!

Haunted Halloween Hayride

On Saturday evening we went to a local haunted halloween hayride.  The hayride was perfect for the kids.  Not really scary at all.  Lincoln was even able to sleep through most of our time there.  Then when you got off the ride they had some mazes to go through and tents with spooky stuff.  

Our favorite part was the glow stick dance revolution.  Hopefully this you tube uploads.  This is a lot like the one we saw.  I think they might have even used the same music mix.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Miracle!

For the first time ever both of these cuties are asleep!  I should be doing countless things around the house... But I am so excited to get a little caught up on blogging.  Get ready for lots of pictures :)

Last Monday Lincoln had his first tooth break through!  Followed by his second on Friday!  I am so excited that he has some little toothies!  (It took Evie 16 months to get her first tooth which made it difficult at meal time!  So, this is really exciting!)

Last week Ryan could here Kaitlyn upset in her room so I went in to check on her and she told me that Kirsten's leg fell off.  I guess she was brushing Kirsten's hair and the leg just fell off!  So today we sent her to the American Girl Doll Hospital.  Eve had a hard time leaving Kirsten at the post office.  At least it will be only a couple of weeks till Kirsten is sent back.

This picture I just had to put in.  Reuben is the master artist behind this drawing.  Ryan and I just love it!

This was our dinner last night!  Happy Columbus Day!  When Reuben and Kaitlyn got off the bus yesterday, Reuben was so excited to tell me all about how they did different things at school that were centered on Columbus.  So, I thought we'd celebrate at home.  

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I know the first picture has nothing to do with apples but I couldn't resist putting it in this post. Today in between sessions of General Conference we went to Patterson's Fruit Farm to pick our own apples.  It reminded me of when we'd go apple picking as a kid.  The kids had a blast and Reuben loved climbing in the trees!  Evie slept through most of it, which is crazy but we'll take it.  She is not a napper.  

Date Night

Last night we got together with our friends Matt and Stacy for date night.  Last month we went out up here so this month we went on our date down where they live.  We live about 45 minutes from each other so we've started switching off.  This is only our second month doing date night together and man, I don't know why we didn't start sooner!  It has been so fun!  Last night they showed us around their side of town.  We started by going to Mr.G's!  YUMMY!  Ryan and I both ordered calzones which were bigger than Lincoln! (Or at least it seemed)  We ended up having lots to take home for a yummy lunch today.  

Then we headed off to get some of the yummiest ice cream at Handel's.  We ended off our date with a friendly game of bowling.  

The kids have a blast on date night because they get to play with their friends.  (Matt and Stacy have 3 cute kids which happen to be the same gender order as ours and close to the same ages.)

We can't wait till next month!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

Crazy Day

Yesterday I decided to take Kaitlyn and Eve to the doctor because they've had a cough and runny nose.  Well, they both had junk in their lungs and oxygen levels weren't too great.  So we got to take home this nifty machine.  I told the doctor that Reuben had the cough too and the doctor thought I should bring him in too.  So that afternoon, I went back to the doctor with all my kids, and found out that Reuben has it too.  Luckily Lincoln has been healthy knock on wood.  After having been on the medicine for only a day all the kids are sounding better than yesterday.  The doctor thought Kaitlyn and Reuben could go back to school tomorrow.  Here are some picts of my sick kiddos.