Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well here it goes! We are entering the blogging world. I have had so much fun reading everyone's blogs. This seems to be a great opportunity to journal all those things that you don't want to forget.

Right now we are in Cleveland, Ohio. Ryan is in Podiatry School right now. He is about to take his second year finals which will make us half way through school! Wahoo! Ryan belongs to a photography club here put on by the Cleveland Metro Parks. Which has been fun. On Thursday nights you might catch him playing World of Warcraft online with his family.

Kaitlyn is in second grade now! She loves school so much that she won't tell us when she is sick! She is really enjoying taking dance, which is almost over. She has her recital next week. Kaitlyn is still loving Girl Scouts as well. Her troop went on their first campout a week ago and she had a blast.

Reuben is in kindergarten now. He loves school as well. I don't know how we got so lucky! He has an infectous smile (and dimple) which just melts your heart. He turned 6 yesterday!

Evie is at such a fun age! She loves to sing and dance. She is really into princesses right now and of course baby dolls. Her new little brother is the best because he is a live baby doll to her.

Lincoln is growing so fast already! It really does slip by too fast! He is my Mama's boy. He loves to be held. He smiles and coos now which is the cutest.

As for me, Kristen, I am keeping busy keeping up with these four cute kids. I have started going to a quilting group at church and belong to a quilt guild in the area.