Thursday, June 12, 2008

9 Wonderful Years!

Today was our 9th anniversary!  Boy, does that make me feel old!!  It is weird because it feels like Ryan and I have always been together but it feels like the years have slipped by so fast, if that is possible.  The picture above is the beautiful temple where we were married.  Maybe next year for our 10th I'll put up a picture of us on our wedding day!  Ryan and I have changed SO much since we have been married!
Not to get too mushy, but I love Ryan!  Even if I searched the universe for a husband there would not be a better match that I would find than him!  I could never express how much I love this man!  He is so patient and loving!  He is the most selfless person I know!  Not to mention a wonderful Dad!  Ryan I love you!  It is such a joy to be married to you!


Jean said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, you cutie patooties!!

John said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you have a good one. Your goal to not get too mushy was unsuccessful :)