Friday, July 25, 2008

Do You Ever feel Like This?

This last week has been kind crazy!  Our lawn mower decided to break in the middle of mowing the lawn.  The next day I decided to do a load of wash and our washer was making the worst sound imaginable.  Then no joke, the next day I took the kids to the library and couldn't get the car to start until the twenty something time of trying.  

The washer was fixed today!!!  We had to have the transmission replaced in it.  Luckily the part was under warranty we just had to pay for service and labor.  The car was fixed yesterday after they worked on it for two days and did a number of mechanical things to it which I can't even pretend to understand.  We are still working on the mower thing.  Ryan knows some about mowers since he worked on them as a teenager.  But it looks like it is something he can't fix.  

All you can do is just laugh and wonder how they all have such great timing to break at the same time!


Headle said...

Seriously!! We had a week like that a couple weeks ago. When it rains, it pours everyone told me. There must be something to that saying...but you have a great outlook, and are a wonderful example of looking for the positive in everything!

tanya said...

I know how that goes! That happened to us in March and it just felt like one thing after another. But, you have to taste the bitter to enjoy the sweet, so I guess it is times like these that make us appreciate our "normal" daily life, right?

Kristen said...

i forgot to be grateful for our microwave one night in my prayers and the next day it broke.... :)

hope this next week is so awesome it makes up for the craziness of last week!