Monday, July 14, 2008

Tortellini al Prosciutto

I was just typing this up for a friend.  This is one of our favorite recipes and really is easy.  Enjoy! 

1 package fresh tortellini – it tastes best if it has Italian sausage with chicken in it.  We are on a budget so I use frozen tortellini with cheese in it and I think it tastes just as good.  **One package of tortellini serves about four people

½ lb. honey ham from the deli

1 cup whipping cream

3 oz. butter (6 tablespoons)

pinch of grated nutmeg

¾ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese – I like Locatelli or Romano cheese

salt and freshly ground pepper


Combine the ham, cream, butter, nutmeg and half the Parmesan cheese in a saucepan and heat slowly.  Do NOT boil or the sauce will curdle, season with salt and pepper.


Bring a large pot of salted water (1 tablespoon salt) to boil and cook the tortellini in it until done.  Drain.  Serve topped with the ham sauce and the remaining Parmesan cheese.


If you use more than one package of tortellini, you will need to double the recipe for the sauce.


John said...

We make that same sauce and eat it with homemade fettuccine. Yummy.

hilary w said...

You know it's funny, I remember the first time I talked to you was at a ward party where you brought this dish and I loved it! I'm glad to finally have the recipe...I should have asked for it years ago! :)

Jim and Megan said...

That sounds really good. I think I'll try it. I'm always looking for new recipes. Thanks!

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