Thursday, November 19, 2009


Our family loves games. Every year we try to get a new game for the family for Christmas. Last year we bought Zooreka, which is put out by Cranium. Our family loves it. You go around the board collecting cards you need to use to buy parts of your zoo. All the kids enjoy it and Ryan and I like playing it too which is an added bonus. So what's your family's favorite game?


Michal Thompson said...

oooo, I will be reading your comments, this is what we want for Christmas too. Our favorites right now are Uno and memory. But we also love guess who.

Gaskin Girl said...

We really like Ticket to Ride (but it's definitely an adult game). We also really like playing Mario Party as a "family." (Lilly chooses Peach and Maggie chooses Yoshi or Baby Peach. Then we let their characters be played by the computer. It's awesome!)

Your kids did great in the Primary Program today! :)

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