Friday, April 10, 2009

Army Birthday Party Invites

Reuben decided to have an Army party this year.  Here are the invites...  Reuben asked if I'd make a cake that looked like a tank!  Wish me luck!  We might be running to the grocery store last minute!!


Jean said...

NICE INVITES!! That party is going to be great!! (I can't believe Reuben is almost 7! Wow!)

dimpleprints said...

Curious where you found the envelopes? Thanks

mackyton said...

Oh so beautiful army birthday party invites. I loved this from the bottom of my heart. My dad’s birthday is coming soon and he was also in army so I think all these ideas would be perfect for the bash. I would be hosting a grand party at the local event space Chicago. Hoping that it will also be a big hit.