Friday, June 6, 2008

Before and After


I went grocery shopping today.  While I was about to check out Ryan called my cell phone and said that Reuben wanted to ask me something.  He asked if he could go "wald".  I asked him to repeat what he said a couple of times because I couldn't understand what he was asking for.  So, then Ryan came back on and said that Reuben was wondering if he could be bald.  Before I knew it, Reuben was bald by the time I came home which was only 15 minutes later!  I guess it is the new cool summer cut.  I am sad to see his beautiful hair go but Reuben's smile that he had all afternoon made it worth it!


Becky said...

I don't have the guts to shave Dante's hair all off. I think he is too cute with his bangs. Reuben looks nice still with it shaved, and it will always grow back. I guess that is the nice thing with hair. We haven't had hot weather yet, so something so drastic isn't called for here. Maybe it will get warm next week.

Headle said...

Nothing like a fun summer hair cut to kick off the season :) He is a cutie either way!

hilary w said...

Wow...what a buzz cut! He looks adorable. Your kids are so beautiful, Kristen! The previous post you did of all your kids is so great. What a wonderful family you have.