Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ahoy Thar Matey!

This picture is of Reuben on his actual birthday. He picked to have brownies and ice cream for dessert. Reuben was so excited that he had cub scouts on his birthday and is sporting his uniform in the picture.

This year Reuben really wanted a Big Foot themed party. Yeah, not the monster truck the legend. Ryan and I thought, okay we can make this work. We thought of having the boys go on an expedition to see if they can find any evidence of Big Foot. Ryan would dress up in costume and the boys would be able to have a couple of "sightings" of Big Foot. So we looked for the costume and found that Big Foot costumes aren't cheap (who would have thought).
So we had to ask Reuben what his second choice was for a theme. Reuben picked a pirate theme which ended up being much easier! The boys dressed up like a pirate, decorated treasure chests with markers and jewels, played get the gold in the bottle, smashed open a pinata, and played treasure treasure who's got the treasure.


Mandi said...

I'd pay money to see Ryan running around your neighborhood in a big foot costume. That sounds hilarious.

Jean said...

What a great pirate party!!! Geez, I want to come to the Ellsworth birthday shindigs. You always throw the best parties!!

Headle said...

CUTE PARTY!!! Your pirate cake is amazing Kristen!!! I love seeing all the boys dressed up, ha ha!

You have the best ideas! :)