Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love to vacuum. I don't know what it is about hearing dirt and crumbs getting sucked up that I like so much. Here is the dilemma though. Our vacuum is awful! We bought it a year ago or so because our old one which we had for nine years totally died. Well this new one you can vacuum over a string five or more times and it won't suck it up. It is a Hoover just like our old one was. This "new" one is bag-less while the old one was not. I need your input of which vacuum you all like. 


Wendi said...

I know they're expensive, but I feel my Dyson was worth every single penny!!! It sucks AMAZINGLY, and is super easy to empty out. I was able to get mine on woot.com for 260. It was refurbished and I've never had a problem with it. It's a DC14. That's the model I'd recommend. My mom got the ball one, and isn't a huge fan of it. Seriously, I LOVE my vacuum. My SIL just got one too and she blogged about how much she loves hers.

John said...

We really like our Dyson also, but they aren't cheap.

Check out what consumer reports says about various vacuums

Abby said...

My sister has a dyson and when my last vacuum died and we lived in the same town, I borrowed hers all the time before finally buying a new vacuum (which was not a dyson because it was too expensive for our budget at the time). She still has her dyson and loves it. My only caution would be that if any of your family has allergies, you may not like having to empty the canister. Could create problems.

We have had a Eureka Boss for 2 1/2 years now and it works great. The plastic is dying before the vacuum. It has some chips here and there on it, but they're just cosmetic. We've also replaced our hose once because it got worn out ($50 for a new hose and belt, still much better than a new vacuum). I feel like it's been well worth the $150 we spent (got it at Lowe's).

Broderick Clan said...

I too have been frustrated with vacuums. Our Hoover vacuums have not been great. I have three friends who love their Dysons . We also had an old Eureka that worked great until it died. Good luck!