Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Saturday was the last day of the session of swimming lessons for the kids at the Y.  Eve was in a gym and swim class where they did gym for thirty minutes and swam for thirty minutes.  Kaitlyn and Reuben were in swimming together.

Evie at gym.

Reuben and Kaitlyn with their awesome swimming teacher.  Reuben and Kaitlyn had a near drowning experience this last summer.  Kaitlyn seemed to jump back to herself around the water quickly, but Reuben has been pretty nervous.  The first day of lessons he didn't want to get in the water at all but his awesome teacher took the time to help him feel comfortable and actually had a similar experience when he was a child.  Reuben loved his teacher so much he didn't want the session to end.  Hopefully we'll get him next session too!

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