Sunday, December 28, 2008


This year we stayed home for Christmas.  It was so relaxing and the kids had a blast!  Happy First Christmas Lincoln!
It was love at first sight when Evie opened this ballerina outfit.  She wore it all day, slept in it that night and wore it the whole next day.  I had to do some coaxing to get her to not wear it to bed again.  Little to say she loves it.

Kaitlyn opening her Saint Lucia wreath for Kirsten.  Kaitlyn and I read the book together a month or so ago together.
Evie opening her "Tinker Bell".  Her reaction to opening this was priceless.

Reuben is the master artist behind this gift wrapping!

Part of the finished product.


M & S Eagar said...

Hey Kristen - I'm so glad you guys had such a nice Christmas at home. I'm pretty sure we're gonna take that route next year.

Anyway, on a side note - I was wondering if by chance you will be going to Costco sometime this week. The reason I ask is because my mother-in-law bought me some cute things from Costco but they're too big to bring home on the airplane so I think I'm going to have to take them back and "rebuy" them in Ohio. However, they're seasonal and I don't want to risk not being able to purchase them. I checked on-line, but they are "in-store" items and I was wondering (if I drop you a check in the mail today) if you'd be willing to pick them up for me (2 things) if you already have to go there. Anyway, just drop me a line on my blog/email/cell phone and let me know. Thanks a million!

Grampy Ellsworth said...

Looks like Santa found you! He was late getting here because of allllll.... the gifts he had to drop off in Ohio! Love you all! Grampy

Grampy Ellsworth said...

Hey Rueben, the snowman picture is awesome! I haver never seen such a tall snowman before---and I have seen many! Love ya, Grampy

Mandi said...

I love that they all had matching jammies. How fun is that!? Evie and Naomi should get together, Evie in her ballerina costume and Naomi in her High School Musical P.J.s. Don't you just love Christmas?

Michal Thompson said...

I love your kids pjs!!! I bet you had a great Christmas at home. We wished we had stayed at home- next year! Happy new Year!

Angie Judd said...

Yay for a good Christmas! :D
That's how we love to roll on our own home, nice and (somewhat) quiet.

queenie said...

so fun to catch up with you on facebook, and blogstalk! :)