Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last Visit to D.C.

For Spring Break we headed down to my parents house. We were so lucky to have our friends the Wrights come with us for a couple days. They hadn't been to D.C. in a long time and their kids had never been there. So, we went and saw as much as we could in the couple of days they were there. It was a lot of fun. We went to a couple of the Smithsonian's and to the National Gallery of Art on our first day. We of course ate at the Old Post Office Pavilion for lunch, which is basically a mall food court minus the mall. But they had something for everyone, I have good memories going here as a family growing up.  Here are a couple of pictures of our day.

I titled this post as our "last trip to D.C." because my parents have sold their home. They will be moving out in a month and a half. I get teary even writting this in my post but my parents have lived in this house since I was four. So, it really is home. I am excited for my parents because my Dad can retire which is wonderful! So, look out all you in Utah you might have one of the best couples move into your ward soon! (They are still house hunting) I love you Mom and Dad!

More pictures of Spring Break to come!!!

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Headle said...

Oh Kristen! Your trip must of been a whirlwind of different emotions. Congratulations to your Dad's retirement! That is such a huge accomplishment! I'm sure it was so hard to say goodbye to the place where you grew up.

Your kids are looking so cute and grown up! It looks like a real family vacation! How fun for you guys!