Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Reuben!

Look who's turning the big 8

Happy Birthday Reuben!!

I love this boy! I feel so blessed to have him as a son. It is hard to find this kid without a smile on his face. He is a caring, loving little boy. Reuben loves to make people laugh, which is one of the reasons he wanted fake mustaches for his birthday.

These are the cup cakes he brought to school to celebrate his birthday.


Tiff said...

Holy COW! Those cupcakes are AMAZING! (and look like such a tedious commitment). Bravo.


Jean said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REUBEN!!! (He's 8?? Really? Already??) Yaaaaaay!!!

Coolest. cupcakes. ever!!! Nice job! That must've taken so long!

Headle said...

Happy Birthday Reuben!!! I really, really can't believe he's eight!!

Kristen, I TOTALLY agree with Tiffany and Jean...those cupcakes are incredible!!!! What an awesome treat for a little boy to bring to school! His friends are going to LOVE them! You are SO CREATIVE!

Michal Thompson said...

these are so cute, how could you eat them?

Mandi said...

I think my favorite cupcake is the one with chin stubble. Haha! You are amazing, Kristen. And sorry we're such lame family about remembering birthdays. I hope he had a great day.

Heather said...

Those are the cutest cupcakes ever--also his birthday cake turned out great also--I am in awe of you!!