Thursday, April 15, 2010

National Arboretum

We visited the National Arboretum.   Our friends are both horticulturists so this was a must see for them.  While we normally would not put this on our list of must see, it was actually quite cool.  We are so glad we went.  

A large koi pond near the visitor's center which had HUGE fish. 

They had a large collection of cool bonsai trees. These are both over 100 years old.

Lincoln is just chillin' atop our friend.  What a life.

These pillars were in front of the capital when Lincoln was inaugurated, so naturally we had to get a picture of our Lincoln in front of them.


Becky said...

LIncoln doesn't look like a baby anymore. It will be fun to see him this summer!

Mandi said...

Naomi says: that was a huge fish. And I like those bonsai trees.
Jonah says: Those trees are tiny.
I say: what a cool place to go! Also -- Congrats to Ryan on passing his boards! Woot woot!