Monday, April 26, 2010

Kirtland Temple

I (Ryan) took this picture of the Kirtland, OH temple last year. I had told Kristen what effect I wanted with fairly particular environmental circumstances. She came home from church, as I was home with a sick kid, and told me that the day was perfect for the picture I wanted. I immediately grabbed my camera gear and my assistant, Kaitlyn. We went to the temple and 20 minutes later I had the picture I wanted.

Now I must give a shameless plug. In an effort to survive through residency, financially, we have decided to post the picture on the blog with the hope of selling a few copies. The link for the purchase of the print is in the right column of the site and will remain there. I will print the picture on archival quality photo paper and ship it to you.

It can also be viewed and purchased by visiting my website:

Thank you for viewing and your support.

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