Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last weekend my friend Rochelle and I went down to Louisville, Kentucky to meet her sister and her friend. It was such a fun weekend! Rochelle's sister, Missy had a Sentsy convention in Louisville. We all went to the first block of speakers. Missy stayed for the rest of the program, because she is a consultant and  the rest of us went shopping.

We stayed at an awesome Days Inn. The franchise owner's favorite color must be mustard yellow because EVERYTHING was that color. We thought it was pretty funny that our room had a safe but not a fridge, below is a picture of our safe. The laughs didn't stop when Rochelle had to put her whole body weight on the door to lock it at night. :)

We spied a Big Lots and decided to stop in. Of course we had to try out the hoo-la-hoops. 

We happened upon a Graeter's and just had to have their awesome ice cream.

I didn't get pictures but we found this AWESOME antique store that was HUGE! It was so fun to walk around in it. I was so excited to find boxes of shoe forms, which I have been on the look out for. I jumped twice though while at the store. First when I was looking at some stuff and out flew a real bird! And second when I rounded the corner into a room and there was an open coffin with a life size zombie person mannequin laying in it. (wasn't expecting that one!)

It was such a fun weekend with lots of fun memories! Thank you Rochelle, Missy and Yvette!


Heather said...

Sounds like a fun girls' weekend!!

Headle said...

Friends, hula hoops and ice cream...ha ha ha! Love it!!! Looks like you gals had a blast together! SO cute!

Mandi said...

How fun! What a great opportunity to just hang out with the girls.

Michal Thompson said...

A girls getaway must have been awesome.

Jaedyn, Landon, Tanner and Baby Bryn said...

I had a blast with you ladies, I look forward to doing again!