Thursday, August 6, 2009

There's No Place Like HOME

We're back!  After staying at my parent's for the last month we arrived at home today.  Ryan did a rotation at a hospital in Tacoma, Washington for the month of July.  So, the kids and I stayed at my parents, which live right outside of D.C.  It was such a fun month, keep a look out for some posts coming soon!  It was a wonderful month and was SO fun to be able to be with my parents!!!  But I cannot explain how nice it is to have a husband home again and to know that he is not scheduled to leave anytime soon for another rotation!


M & S Eagar said...

Hey...soo glad to hear you're home. We just got back from AZ and now the kids and I are scheduled to fly to Oregon/Idaho on Tuesday to visit my parents. Anyway, I've been planning my school year and was hoping to sked in monthly dates with you guys if you're still up to it. Whatcha think?

The Lindic's said...

Welcome home!! We are soooooo glad you are home too. We missed you soooo much!!

Michal Thompson said...

hurray, now you can enjoy him for a long time