Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today was the last day of summer vacation for the kids.  They are pretty excited to start up at school again.  Ryan luckily just had a surgery to assist in this morning and had the rest of the day off. So we went to the zoo, which I seemed to forget to take pictures of. Then we took our dinner to the beach and ate there.  It is always so peaceful by the water!  This is by far one of my favorite activities.  Then we had to skip rocks.  It was so cool this time because the beach has TOTALLY changed since the last time we were there. I don't know if it was from a storm or what but you can walk right up to the water now.  There is a concrete wall which used to be in the way but now the sand and rocks come up to the top of them pretty much. It made for a fun night. Then we had to head to Jerry's which is our tiny town's favorite ice cream shop.  It was a fun day!


Headle said...

I love seeing pictures of your family!!! You guys always make me happy! Its neat for me to get a sneak peak into family life as the kids grow. Your family is just beautiful!

What a fun trip to the zoo, the beach and ice cream!! SOO FUN!! I bet the kids loved it :)

John said...

Did you guys give up on Flickr?