Sunday, August 9, 2009

Month in Virginia Post #2

Lincoln loved my Dad.  Lincoln loved playing with the water while my Dad watered flowers and just hanging out with him outside. One of the month's highlights for the kids were their walks they went on with my Dad.

One Saturday we went to the farmers market, which was amazing!!  There was even a clown and musicians, and lots more to see.

These pictures are from Burke Lake Park.  I have good memories of going here when I was a kid.  We were able to take a little hike with the kids there too.

This seems to be the only picture I took at the Zoo.  At the zoo they are doing a huge construction job making a new habitat for the Elephants.  It looks like it will be nice.  We'll have to go back when they are done.

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John said...

I could not figure out who that skinny guy was in the first picture or the yard that he was standing in. Then I realized that it was Mom and Dad's new brick walkway and their next door neighbor's bushes in the background. Dad's looking skinny!