Friday, August 21, 2009

Camping at the Zoo Safari Style

Last week our troop was able to camp overnight at the zoo.  The program was awesome and had the girls scheduled all evening and day.  They played games at different stations throughout the zoo, roasted smores, did a craft, went to a night hike where they used night vision binoculars, went on a day hike using a GPS, and much more.  The girls had so much fun they all want to go back and do another one.  I guess they have a winter one where you camp in a cabin near the wolves and one in their Australian Outback area.

They had a couple of animals in the evening that we learned about and could touch.  The picture above is Kaitlyn with the millepede. It was pretty nasty looking but didn't feel too bad.  My favorite was the hedgehog, the barn owl was pretty cool too.
We learned why flamingo's are pink.  Hint it is something they eat...
Flamingo's are pink from eating shrimp, at the zoo they just put food coloring in their food because shrimp is expensive.

Here is a picture of our troop and the wonderful zookeepers who were with us for the whole program.

In the morning we checked out the special exhibit that they have this summer.  All of the dinosaurs move and make noises.  I don't know how they know what noises dinosaurs make.  But oh, well. The last one spit water out.  The girls loved this and could have stayed there all day!


Headle said...

What a fun summer outing!!! There's no doubt all the girls love you!!! You are soo creative and supportive of your kids' interests. Fun pics!

Michal Thompson said...

That is so cool, I want to go!