Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

Kaitlyn is officially in the double digits. She turned the big 10 this week!
Kaitlyn is such a blessing to have in our family. She is such a kind and loving girl. She is definitely growing up and is a huge help and loves to hang out with the adults.

On Kaitlyn's birthday she picked stuffed shells for dinner and rolls. For dessert She decided on brownies and root beer floats. In this picture Kates was trying to decide on what to wish for.

Kaitlyn's big present was her own sewing machine! Here she is testing it out. She also received some fabric to make a quilt.

The day after Kaitlyn's birthday we had her party with her friends at our house. Her theme this year was Pandas. So of course we had a Panda Pajama Party!

Each girl received one of these felt pandas

For our craft each girl was given a wooden cut out of a bear to paint. After they were dry we attached a magnet strip to the back so the girls can hang them up in their lockers.

In their favor bag each girl received one of these Japanese erasers and black and white candies (hershey kisses and tootise rolls)

Chocolate Chocolate cake! Yum!


Michal Thompson said...

you should just become a party planner

Jean said...

Kristen, you ROCK the birthdays!!! What a great idea!!! Happy birthday to Kaitlyn - I can't believe she's in the double digits!

hilary w said...

Happy birthday Kaitlyn! For some reason, I love that last picture of you and Kaitlyn. I see a hardworking mom behind the scenes (that party you threw was adorable!) who loves her daugther dearly with a smiling child enjoying all that effort. That is really precious. You are a good mom!