Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Eve!

It has been one big party at our house with having the girls birthday's back to back. Evie turned the big 5 this year! Eve was also able to start kindergarten this week which was really exciting! We love to have Evie in our family. Eve gives out the best smiles and one of my favorite things that Evie does is when she sings in the car. Some songs are made up while others are ones which she has learned at church or school. It makes me smile because it is super cute and it reminds me of my sister.

Eve on her birthday requested macaroni and cheese and hotdogs on the side for dinner. Afterwards we had cake and ice cream. Eve asked, "You're going to make my princess cake, right?" the day before her birthday. So, I didn't want to disappoint. I must say her cake turned out better this year than last year's cake. Let's just say I am definitely still learning... I have to say Barbie looks pretty good considering Lincoln was caught starting to undress her.


Mandi said...

So Fun! Happy be-lated birthday Eve!

Jean said...

Happy birthday to Eve!!! I think that's every little girl's dream cake. :-)

Headle said...

Happy Birthday Evie! I can't believe that our Wymount babies are starting kindergarten!

Kristen! You are such a fun and creative mom. That cake is amazing! You are so talented!!!