Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School

School started this week at our house! One of the kids asked me if it was still summer even though they are going to school now. It is kinda confusing with the beautiful weather we've been having here. Growing up we always started school on the day after Labor Day and for some reason it felt like fall. Not in August though,it is definitely summer time still.

This year we have three kids going to school! It seems crazy that they are old enough to start.

Yes, my little Evie is in kindergarten now!!!! For some reason it just seems like she really is too little to be going to school all day now. It is so hard for Ryan and I to see these kids grow up!

Big brothers are the best! Eve asked Reuben to help her up the "Big Steps".

I didn't get to take a picture of this one... but Kaitlyn is in Middle School this year!! Am I really old enough to have a kid in middle school? Kates seems to be loving it. Some of her highlights are decorating her locker and switching classes.


Mandi said...

You're kidding! Kaitlyn is in MIDDLE SCHOOL??? I thought that was reserved for older, taller kids that talk back to adults. And Evie cannot, CANNOT be old enough for all day school. I mean, the last time we saw her she was still a baby! Well, I guess that means we'll have to come out for a visit. Soon.

Michal Thompson said...

MIDDLE school, really!!

hilary w said...

Wow! How is Kaitlyn old enough for middle school? That's crazy. It's weird that Evie is starting kindergarten. She and Jack are just a few months apart! Thankfully I have one more year before I have to send Jack off to the big world!

Kristen said...

when does middle school start there?? Connor won't be in middle school until next year and it's STILL TOO SOON!!