Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reuben Gets Baptized

I can't believe Reuben is 8 already. It seems just yesterday he was riding his blue scooter at Wymount at full speed down the hills, bouncing of trees and rolling down the grass. While he still loves to do these things he is much bigger, faster and bold about it. He has an infectious smile which we all absolutely love. He is known in school for his playful attitude and wit.

Last week we had an incredibly fun and busy week. With all Grandparents in town and even Uncle Matt, we had Reuben's baptism.
The announcement picture was taken in front of the Kirtland Temple door.

This picture was used in his program. We took this picture in the School of the Prophets, within the Whitney store in Kirtland. Reuben was pretty excited that he sat on a stool that just recently President Monson sat in when visiting Kirtland.

I think these pictures of the baptism speak for themselves:

It was such a neat experience. I'm sure Reuben will always remember his baptism. He is very proud of the fact that he got baptized in roughly the same area, and the same way that some of the old saints were in the beginning of the church. We are so very proud of Reuben and his decision to be baptized.


Mandi said...

Oh How exciting! We love your family! Congratulations to all of you on such a momentous occasion!

Bridi said...

That is very exciting! What a good idea to use the church history sites. Is it common to do the baptism in the river, or did you get special permission?

Michal Thompson said...

what a handsome man! I can't believe he is 8!

Jean said...

That is so wonderful!!! Hooray for Reuben! BEAUTIFUL pictures.

Heather said...

What a special baptismal experience--I am sure he will remember it forever. Love the pictures and I think it is so awesome he got to be baptized in the river.

Headle said...

These pictures are AMAZING!!! I love his baptism announcement too! He's growing up to be so handsome.

I think that is SO AWESOME that he was baptised in the RIVER! What an unforgettable experience!