Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hocking Hills

We were able to start off our summer with a camping trip with friends to Hocking Hills State Park. Our family had been to Hocking Hills three years ago and loved it, so we were so excited to go back! It ended up being a blast! I love to go camping! We even had a huge down pour with lightening and thunder on our second day. We were so thankful for a water resistant tent which we could feel a river of water going underneath the tent and luckily not inside the tent! The camp ground even had a pool for the campers which was so nice after our long but beautiful hikes.

Upper Falls

All of the kids we went camping with except for Olivia. (she was napping)

Maggie, Eve and Lilly, these girls love each other so much!
If you can see the band-aid on Evie's head, it is covering her four stitches she had put in the night before we went camping. She was walking into the garage and wasn't looking and walked right into the edge of the open car door.

Lincoln really wanted to take a bath in Devil's Bathtub, but I wasn't too crazy about the idea.

There were so many caves the kids could climb in.

Everything was so beautiful there. There is so much green everywhere. I could feel the Spirit so strong as we walked around and enjoyed the beauty and peace there.

Old Man's Cave

Reuben and Trey


Mandi said...

How beautiful! What a fun family holiday.

Courtney said...

Hi Ellsworth Family,

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