Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My awesome friend told me about an opportunity to try out K'nex and that we could even keep the sets that would be sent to us for free as long as we posted on our blog about how we liked them. I was all for it! Who doesn't love free stuff! But I did not expect to get this much free stuff! We ended up getting 11 sets, with sets that were appropriate for my two year old all the way up to my nine year old!

The first set of sets they dug into was, of course, the Sesame Street sets. They turned out super cute! The kids loved them. I must say from a mom's stand point I love the containers they came in as well as the toy itself, they are cute and there is a place to store all the parts when the kids aren't playing with them.

I can't believe I didn't take any more pictures of the kids playing with the sets. Overall the biggest hit was the motorized k'nex. They have a battery pack/motor part that makes them hop or move. They are super cool! My kids did need help with one or two of the steps when they put the sets together, but it was no big deal. The kids got a kick out of one of the robots that looked like Wall-e!
From the mommy point of view the kids definitely love the k'nex. I loved getting the bin of k'nex as well to put parts in and to let the kids use their imagination. I am so thankful for this opportunity and would definitely recommend these products!


Mandi said...

Whatta find! Free stuff rocks!

By the way, in that picture on the side, Linc looks so much like your dad.

Michal Thompson said...

we haven't opened all of ours, keeping a few for a rainy day! Amen to the sesame street ones