Friday, June 24, 2011

National Quilt Show 2011

It is that time of year again! I look forward to going to this quilt show all year. This year definitely did not disappoint. I went with my wonderful friends Rochelle and Jackie this year. (Janeen couldn't make it this year because her son's birthday was the day of the show, we missed her) I spaced taking a picture of the three of us! We were having too much fun I guess :)
This year we spent the night close to the quilt show instead of making the long drive there and back in one day. It made the trip so much more relaxing and who can complain when you get to spend even more time with your best friends? Friday night we went to a huge mall that was mostly outdoors. It was so fun to window shop and walk through Tiffany's for my first time. Our trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to Graeter's and to North Market. But the majority of our time was spend at the quilt show. Here are some of my favorite quilts from the show.

This Santa's workshop quilt won the best of show and is being judged as a "master quilt"

This quilt had chenille that the quilter had made. There were several quilts with chenille at this vendor. I really would love to try my hand at it sometime.

This quilt was teeny-weeny, maybe 12x12. I am already a drawn towards all white quilts.


Wendi said...

Holy cow. Those are aMAZing!! Wow. Thanks for sharing!

Michal Thompson said...

these are amazing! And what a fun girl trip!