Wednesday, January 28, 2009


January is almost over!  This month has flown by!

This month I turned 29!  It is official that my twenty somethings are almost over!  My baby is turning one next month and is crawling everywhere when he hasn't pulled himself up next to something!  He melts my heart!  I just love that little guy!

This month has been full of lots of these!  The worst cold/flu has whipped through our whole family!  Which turned into a double ear infection for Lincoln and I have had a sinus infection like it is going out of style!  I am thankful though that we are MUCH healthier than last January!!!  At least when it is cold out like it is you don't mind being snuggled up in your jammies and pulling up your favorite quilt!

This month we have discovered Zooreka!  We love this game!  I LOVE babies!  But I LOVE that my kids are getting old enough to play games like this!  We have had lots of laughs and fun with this game this January!

The snow blower picture is for our wonderful neighbor who without being asked surprises us now and then and snow blows our walk and driveway!  We feel SO blessed to live next to wonderful neighbors on either side of us!


Jean said...

Yay, happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like a happy and crazy month. I can't believe our babies are turning one!

John said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! It's been a crazy month.

Mandi said...

I'm sorry you were all sick. What a pain! I'm glad you're all feeling better and that you can snuggle up when you want to.

And you're right. You are old. *grin*

Headle said...

Happy be-lated birthday as well!!! That game looks so fun! I bet your kids just have a blast playing with you!! Sorry to hear about the sickness going around...I hope you are all feeling better now :)

Hayley said...

Happy late birthday!! bummer you were all sick- definitely something goin around AND we can't wait to PARTY with you guys tomorrow... WAHOO! It's going to be BLAST!

Kristen said...

29?! man -I hit the big 3-0 next month. dang it.

that nasty cold has taken out most of LA too. It's been crazy down here!

Happy super-late birthday!!