Thursday, May 22, 2008

Other Highlights

I know I have posted a ton about our trip, but I have to mention some other highlights!  

The kids favorite part was probably jumping on my parents neighbors trampoline.  The kids could have jumped all day long.  They had so much fun.  I must admit that it was super fun!  Ryan and I took turns jumping with them too!

Another highlight was going to Milwaukee Frozen Custard!  They have THE BEST custard!  Mmm Mmm GOOD!

Last but not least it was so fun to watch the American Idol finale with my parents!  My Mom even called in to vote for her favorite David!  It was lots of fun!

Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun visit!  We love you!


Headle said...

Cute family trip!! Looks like you are all doing well and enjoying some high quality time together :)

What a beautiful family!! :D

Kristen said...

we saw david archuleta at church on sunday. :)