Thursday, May 1, 2008


I love dishwashers!  After three weeks without one, our landlord was successful fixing it today!  Dishwashers are one luxury which I LOVE!

Today was a beautiful day in Cleveland!  The weather was gorgeous!  Even though the kids stayed home sick from school we went to the park this afternoon.  Kaitlyn wasn't quite herself but I think we all enjoyed the fresh air!

This morning I kept on procrastinating taking my shower.  I was waiting for Lincoln to fall asleep so that I would have a longer window to get ready.  So, I was able to get him to sleep around eleven and I put him in his crib.  I thought it would be quiet there and the kids would hopefully not wake him there.  Well, when I turned off the water I heard Lincoln screaming at the top of his lungs.  I threw on the towel and went to go check on him and found Evie in the crib with Lincoln.  She kept on saying "Baby's crying".  She had climbed on a chair, onto the changing table, into Lincoln's crib.  I did notice that she had put a teddy bear right next to him.  She loves her brother soooo much!  I think I will be taking showers before she wakes up from now on! :)  


Headle said...

YIPPEEEE!!! Kristen--I'm SO GLAD you are blogging now!!!

You are such an incredible wife and mother, and an inspiration to me! :D I miss hearing from you, so now I can continue learning from your wonderful example!


Michal Thompson said...

I found you! Way to go, it looks great. This will make it so nice to keep tabs on you after we leave- sniffle. We love you guys