Monday, February 27, 2012

Lincoln Turned 4!

I know I say it every year... but it really is hard to believe that my youngest is 4!! Lincoln is such a joy to have in our family. He is such a loving child, he insists on giving kisses frequently and out of the blue will say "Mom, I love you" so often. He can be intense sometimes with his enthusiasm and loves to also wrestle or play with Reuben. He uses the word "ginormous" and other words that I would not expect from a little 4 year old. He is loving preschool and has made some great friends there.

I was debating weather or not to do a party for him this year, since he is still young. In the end I decided to throw a small one with the kids in his primary class at church and a friend from preschool. He chose to have a super hero theme. (special thanks to my friend Rochelle who took all these pictures for me)

I made capes for him and all of his friends. The boys capes were reversible, green on one side with the superman logo but the first letter of their name instead of an "S" and then blue on the other side with Captain America's shield. The girl capes were reversible too, with purple on one side with a crown on it, and pink for the other side with the first letter in their name.

I forgot how the attention span of kids that age is about a zero on a scale of 1-10. We had super hero coloring sheets for them to color that I found online. They played a game where one person hid a super hero monkey while everyone else stood out of sight in the hallway. When they were ready then everyone returned to the room and looked for the monkey. We played a couple of rounds of that.

Then we had cake and ice cream. Lincoln then opened his presents and everyone played. Really a low key party.

Ryan and I had a blast working on Link's cake together the night before the party. Ryan sculpted Captain America and I did the other parts. I think watching those cake shows has paid off a little bit :)

Lincoln told me afterward that his party was the best ever, so I guess it was a success!


Emily said...

I love it! Now, come on out to Utah and do Abigail's cake for Saturday, would ya?

Kristen said...

Emily I wish we could!! That would be so fun :)

hilary w said...

You MADE that cake? That looks so professional and perfect! I wish you lived nearby, I'd hire you to make all my cakes!

Mandi said...

Looks like a fun day. I thought you were a busy mom? When did you squeeze in the time to MAKE capes for everyone?? Your talents boggle my mind.

Michal Thompson said...

so cool! How fun!

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