Friday, May 27, 2011


This Spring we have had so much fun watching this little Mama sit on her nest.

It was so exciting to see her three little babies peek out ready for some food. (you can barely see their cute little heads) After they hatched they were cute little pink newborn chicks.

In this picture you can see the baby Robin's heads sticking out while their Mama sits on them to keep them warm.

The last couple of days we have watched them grow beautiful feathers. This morning when I looked they were all gone. How fun it would have been to see them learn to fly. We've had so much fun watching this whole process. Their nest is right outside our sliding glass door which has made it super easy to keep tabs on them.

Good luck little birdies!

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hilary w said...

That is so cool! What a great view. We had barn swallows make a nest on our patio one year. We actually got to watch the babies learn to fly! They spent all morning hopping around the patio, taking turns flying to a nearby tree and back. By lunchtime, they were gone!