Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mario and Luigi K'nex

(The Luigi motorcycle stands up great. My kids just had fun posing it.)

We were lucky enough to try out some more K'nex this week. We were sent the Mario cart and Luigi sets for free in the mail. The only catch is to blog about what we thought about them. The kids were super excited to open the package as soon as it arrived. Reuben was stoked that they were Mario and Luigi! Everyone huddled around the table to put them together. Both sets went together really easy. The only negative feedback for the sets is; on the Mario one the rocket booster/exhaust pipes fall off really easy, as for the Luigi set when you press Luigi on the bike to ride it then the motorcycle breaks in half unless you support it right. The positives were that they are easy to put together, very cool characters, and the Mario Kart propels forward if you pull it back and then release it. When all is said and done I would definitely recommend both of these sets! The kids were fighting over who would get to play with them first!


Jean said...

That is so cool!! I want to get free toys in the mail, haha!!

Anonymous said...

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