Sunday, January 2, 2011

Feasty, Fousty, Flatty, Cutty, or Claw

I (Ryan) remember a game we played, when I was young, with my Aunt Sherrie called "Feasty, Fousty, Flatty, Cutty, or Claw". She played the games with the kids at a family reunion about 5 years ago, which the kids just loved.

In this picture Kaitlyn is laying face down and Aunt Sherrie and my niece, Naomi, are around her playing the game.

The game is played by the person which is "it" lays face down on the floor with their eyes closed, the rest of the group sits around the person. They silently decided among themselves which of the choices they will use then chant "feasty, fousty, flatty, cutty, or claw". Their hands are made into feasty position (pinching), a fist (fousty), open hand with palm to the person (flatty), open hand in a chopping position (cutty), or a claw position (claw). The person laying down has to then guess which one of the choices they are demonstrating. If the person guesses incorrectly they then receive a treatment of the guesture (humanely) to the persons back. This continues until the person guesses correctly. Officially at the time they guess the correct one they quickly look behind them to see if anyone is left in that position. The last person left in that position is then subject to being the one that lays on the ground.

During my recent time off we thought it would be fun to try this game on the kids again. They had a great time and it was fun to remember old times.

Here we have Reuben is laying down and he apparently chose wrongly as he is receiving the claw treatment.

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Mandi said...

*sigh* I miss that!