Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blue Man Group

I am a little behind on my blog posts... The other weekend Ryan and I were able to go with our awesome friends to see the Blue Man Group. It was so fun to go on a double date and have a night on the town! Rochelle is the best at getting the smart seats (only $10!!). The performance was even better than I had imagined! Afterward the Blue Men were in the lobby to give "autographs" (a blue hand print) and take pictures. Rochelle made the night even more memorable when she had the Blue Man put a handprint on her tummy. None of us were ready to end the night so we went out for some yummy frozen custard. Mmm. Here are a couple of pictures of the night. Rochelle was so nice to email me these because I forgot our camera.

These huge balls were thrown out on the audience and passed back and forth. They had different colored lights that would turn on in them to sync to the music. The tech. people for the show were amazing!

This Blue Man couldn't stop starring at Ryan and how tall he is. The Blue Men don't even break character in the lobby, they keep their expressionless face and don't talk at all. So all he did was motion lots of times with his hand how tall Ryan was and did a lot of starring.


Mandi said...

How fun! I wonder if the "Blue Men" are naturally quiet, or if they talk their friends' ears off once they're allowed to. That sounds like a great night!

Noy said...

looks like so much fun!

Jean said...

That's awesome!! I would love to see one of their shows!!