Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

I have not been the best at blogging lately!  Life has been crazy but in a good way!  Here's the run down on what's been happening in the Ellsworth household:

*  My handsome Husband came home after being gone for 2 straight months!

*  I finished up Reuben's class quilt for his teacher (pictures coming) and made a class book like this one for Kaitlyn's teacher

*  Kaitlyn and Reuben finished up the school year and had a lot of fun at their end of the year class parties

*  Baseball season has started at our house so we have three to four games at least a week

*  We went fishing to mark off the beginning of summer

*  We had our end of the year girl scout ceremony in our backyard  

*  I have started up my wilton III class and have learned how to do fondant on a cake (Still need lots of practice though)

*  We had our 2nd annual street wide garage sale (Pretty big disappointment this year!!)

*  Weaned Lincoln :(  



Michal Thompson said...

boy you have been busy

hilary w said...

Wow...what a month! I love your booklet you made. You are so creative!!!!

Happy Anniversary!

Mandi said...

That's a great gift for teachers, because they always seem to get silly thing that they'll never use. This is good, because who wouldn't use the money? And the quotes are a sweet reminder of her students. How cute!