Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Good, Very Bad Day!

It is only ten in the morning here but this morning has been awful!!  I took the kids to school today and was pulled over in front of the car line at school!  Yeah it was my fault, but still not cool!  My registration is expired which I knew it was.  I have already gotten the E-check and went to the BMV to renew but it is in Ryan's name and they said he had to do it or I had to get a power of attorney.  So after getting pulled over I came home and nursed Lincoln (I know I need to wean him).  While I was nursing Eve was playing so quietly in her room.  A little too quietly.  I put Lincoln down for a nap and checked on Eve...  She had lip gloss all over her face including eye lids.  She had also painted her fingernails and toenails hot pink.  The white rug was able to be painted pink too!  (Does anyone know tricks to getting it out??) I got some of the nail polish out with nail polish remover.  Here are her beautiful nails!

Not too bad, huh?


J&C Hale family said...

Hope the rest of your day goes much better! She did pretty well with her nails. Hope she enjoys it enough to make the carpet mess and cleaning worth it ;-) (Good luck!)

Jean said...

That's not too bad!! (Except for all the nail polish on the floor.) Oy vey. Sorry you got pulled over! That always brings the whole day down. Hope you have a great one today!

Lesley said...

What a day! My goodness!

We are having the same problem with registering our car. What a pain in the neck.

And who says you need to wean Lincoln? I think it's awesome. Heck, even Eve thinks it's awesome because it gives her a few minutes alone to work her mischeif!

Michal Thompson said...

There is always tomorrow!! I am so sorry. It is bad enought getting pulled over, but when you are being seen by so many people you KNOW!!! If I were there I would wisk your kids off your hands so you could have kristen time!!

queenie said...

must be a full moon cause we've had the same kind of day.
you can try nail polish remover, but that can make it bleed everywhere. you can also try hydrogen peroxide and water. i use dr.bronner's on almost anything.


Abby said...

Ack! What a day! Good luck getting the registration figured out.

And you just keep on nursing Lincoln! Don't let anyone make you feel like you need to stop before you, or he, are ready. It's such a precious time, isn't it?

As for the nailpolish, good job Evie! I'm amazed she did so well "coloring in the lines". :D I'm emailing you a couple of paragraphs on cleaning nail polish from the carpet. These are tips from my favorite cleaning lady, The Queen of Clean.

The Mead's said...

I am sorry to hear about your very awful no good day. I hope that your week goes better.

Thanks for the picture it was awesome. Brian just loved it we are going to get it framed.

Headle said...

Kristen! Oh those days are soo tough!! It seems like all heck breaks loose at the same time!!! You always take everything in stride though! You were so cute to point out Eve's impressive nail painting!! :)