Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turkeys everyone loves to gobble

Reuben walked into the room today reading from a blank paper.  He was reading a poem he "wrote".  This is his attempt to sweet talk his way into getting another turkey (while very cute, it didn't work). 
Yum Yum
Dear Mommy, Dear Mommy
I love the turkeys turkeys
Dipped in chocolate, chocolate
They are so yummy, yummy
can I have another turkey, turkey.
- Reuben

Mom had a counter poem for him:
Nice Try
Dear Reuben, Dear Reuben
You already ate two turkeys, turkey
The rest are for others, others.
- Mom

Kristen saw these on a website and decided to make them.  She has been dreaming of ways to make them for the past 4 days and finally sat down with a friend to make them.  After working late into the night/early morning, she finished and we all enjoyed chowing down on them the following day.  I speak for all of us when I say that Kristen is the best.  We are so lucky she loves to do such fun things that we all can enjoy.


Jordana said...

Wow, those turned out so cute! I saw these on bakerella and made some for Gibb's birthday (but not turkeys), but they did not turn out nearly as good. These look as good as the ones on her website! I would love to gobble one too, maybe I should write a poem...

Michal Thompson said...

I agree that kristin is the best, can I have some??

M & S Eagar said...

Good job on Bakerella's cupcake pops! They look great! I tried last Spring to make some and they didn't turn out near as cute as the pic! You'll have to tell me your tricks!

Angie Judd said...

Soooo cute!! I'm gonna make these for Thanksgiving Day. :)
What did you use for the heads? I know on Bakerella's blog she used chocolate covered espresso beans...but I'm not too excited to use that for my kids and all the cousins. ;) I was thinking whoppers, or carmels rolled up?? Do tell.... :D

Kristen said...

Great minds think alike! I used carmels rolled up and stuck black jimmies in them for eyes. I used orange and/or yellow hearts for beaks.

Headle said...

Kristen! I love how you take the time to make these incredibly cute things for your family to enjoy!! I want to be just like you! You have such a love of life that is contagious!! :D

Angie Judd said...

Thanks for the tips Kristen! I am totally gonna follow in your footsteps and make them the same way. :) Great idea using the hearts for the beaks too.