Sunday, June 29, 2008

30 Things We LOVE About Daddy!

1. When he makes pancakes
2. Sleep-overs in the front room
3. Piggyback rides
4. When he helps us build legos
5. Hugs
6. Kisses
7. Going to the pool and watching him go off the diving board and down the slide
8. Teaching me how to ride a bike
9. That he's big and can get stuff that is high
10. Sitting outside with daddy
11. Tickles
12. That he takes pictures
13. That he lets me study with him
14. Playing with him
15. Camping
16. When he is silly
17. When he reads to me
18. When he makes Lincoln laugh
19. When we practice baseball with him
20. When we play outside together
21. When we garden together
22. That he shares his candy with me
23. When he does crafts with us
24. When he gets us something to drink
25. When he kills spiders
26. When he came on my school field trip
27. When we play games together
28. When I crawl into bed with him when I have a bad dreams
29. That he is good at putting together things
30. That he is my dad, and I love him

Happy 30th Birthday Dad!

Kaitlyn and Reuben


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!! Love the Massaglia Family

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