Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Troop's Halloween Party

Last night was our first Brownie meeting this year.  We had Halloween party!  The girls seemed to have a blast!  I don't think that our house has ever been that loud before!!!!  Ten 8-9 year old girls really love to scream I guess! :)

We had some scary treats, did a mummy wrap, and a cute foamie candy corn craft.  


Becky said...

Gotta love the brain mold. Looks like you had fun!

Jean said...

COOL!! Those treats look amazing!! The mummies look great too, haha!

The Mead's said...

You are so creative. I thought because we have been friends for so long that some of that creativity might have rubbed off on me but it didn't.

hilary w said...

Wow...what a fun party! I loved your treat ideas. I will definitely have to use them for our playgroup Halloween party this week! You are so creative!

Headle said...

You are such a party planning pro!! You should have your own creative party/family idea blog..seriously!!! You are sooo talented!! Those treats are awesome!

Michal Thompson said...

oh, about the bows-
For the flower bows- find some flowers you can take apart and layer together as you desire, then add a button or jewel.
For the ribbon ones- if you tie a bow wrap it with some string around the middle before you top it with another piece of ribbon. Try to find ribbon that has two finished sides so that it looks nicer. Also- finding ribbon that coordinates is fun too. You can top a bow with the other ribbon.
I don't know if any of this makes sense, if not just email me. You can find the clips at Sally's.